Time and Tide

Annotated Master Tournaments from before the Internet age! August/September 1945 Chess Review. World War 2 is drawing to it’s merciful end and the first post war event, the now famous Radio Match is announced. Anthony Santasiere wins the US Open. Then, from May 1974 Chess Life & Review we have the Karpov-Polugaevsky and Portisch-Petrosian MatchesContinue reading “Time and Tide”

Master Musings.

Instructional articles from before the Internet age on openings, endgames and everything in between. January 1944. World War 2 was entering it’s 5th year! The Allies were slogging their way up the boot of Italy. They had just made an amphibious landing at the seaside resort of Anzio, one of the most bloody and costliestContinue reading “Master Musings.”