One thought on “Diamond Dust

  1. Stan, note the location for puzzle 1568.

    That tournament was held at the Crossroads Motel, between Swede Road and U.S. 202 where the two roads meet. (The motel is no longer there.)

    I attended that tournament. It was the first international chess event that I went to. It was organized by a collaborative effort involving a number of local chess clubs, Chaturanga among them, and there were several young American masters playing, some of whom became well known like Andy Soltis and Kim Commons. I still have copies of the daily bulletins that the organizers published.

    While there, I bought a copy of a privately published, thin hardcover book of the 1921 Lasker-Capablanca world championship match, which remains one of the prized items in my chess library.

    Can’t believe it’s been almost a half-century!


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