Chaturanga Chess Club

Since 1970. Where the chess is serious, but the players are friendly.

Our current tournament is the Annual Members Appreciation Double Quads (Double Round Robin). It runs till March 29th. The next rated tournament is the Chaturanga Class Championship! It starts April 12th. See next tournament in the main menu for details.

Casual Play

Chaturanga has players of all levels, from beginner to master.

Serious Play

Chaturanga runs a FREE non-rated Team Championship (“the League”) every Fall/Winter with classical time controls similar to those used in major USCF tournaments.

USCF-Rated Play

Chaturanga is an affiliate of the US Chess Federation, the governing body of organized chess in the USA. We run numerous USCF-rated tournaments throughout the year at various time controls.

Chaturanga Chess Club meets Wednesday Nights at 7:00 PM at Trinity Orthodox Presbyterian Church. 151 County Line Rd Hatboro, Pa.

For more information Contact: or text Stan at 215-285-2593



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Chaturanga Chess Club 2023 Class Championship

4 thoughts on “Chaturanga Chess Club

  1. Hi, I’m looking for somewhere for my 11 year old son to play and maybe get lessons. Is this for kids as well and is it just competition or are there lessons also?


    1. Hi Tracy,
      My name is Stan.
      Thanks for reaching out. We generally just have competitions (tournaments) but we have discussed starting lessons as there seems to be interest in that facet of the game. At this point we have nothing set up but you and your son are more that welcome to stop by any week. If he is not a complete beginner he would fit right in. In the meantime here is the web address of another club that has a more scholastic style than we do. I hope this helps. Good luck and we’d love to see you and your son some Wednesday night in the near future.


      1. Thanks for your quick reply! I’ll try to bring him next Wednesday! How does it work? Is it handicapped? Sorry for my ignorance. I taught him the basics and what each piece on the chessboard does when he was 6 or 7 and that’s about all I know as far as chess. He beats me every night and he needs more competition!


      2. Sure. No not handicapped if by that you mean actual games. We have membership fees but we give people 3 or 4 visits before we even bring it up. We have all the equipment, boards, pieces and clocks. So all you have to do is bring yourselves. This week is an off week which means we have a break in our current tournament and would be a perfect time as there is less bustle and chaos of folks coming in to play their tournament games. If you want to place a face to the texts I have an associated Instagram page: Stan’s Chaturanga Chess World. There I put up pictures and 3 to 4 chess tactics diagrams a week. 😇


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