Chaturanga Chess Club

Since 1970. Where the chess is serious, but the players are friendly.

December 7th is week 5 of the Rated League. 10 rounds over the Fall and early Winter. Off weeks are built in! The league finishes up in time for our Annual Member Appreciation Double Quads! It starts in February.

Casual Play

Chaturanga has players of all levels, from beginner to master.

Serious Play

Chaturanga runs a FREE non-rated Team Championship (“the League”) every Fall/Winter with classical time controls similar to those used in major USCF tournaments.

USCF-Rated Play

Chaturanga is an affiliate of the US Chess Federation, the governing body of organized chess in the USA. We run numerous USCF-rated tournaments throughout the year at various time controls.

Chess Video

Video of the 4th round of the Chaturanga Chess Club league!

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