Chess Videos

Short movies featuring games and players from before the internet age.

Denker-Dake. Syracuse, NY. 1934. A King Hunt!

Storming The Castled King!

Tactical Motif: Double Check/Discovered Check

Tactical Motif: Clearance

Tactical Motif: Interference

Kasparov-Topalov. Wijk ann Zee, 1999. Complete Game.

Morphy-Mongredien. Paris, France 1859

Morphy-Mongredien. Paris, 1859.

Alekhine-Fletcher. London, 1929.

Capablanca-Spielmann. San Sebastian, 1911. “The Overworked Piece”

Rubinstein masterpiece.

Belizmann-Rubinstein. Warsaw, 1917.

Taimanov-Fischer. Candidates 1971.

Marshall-Pillsbury. Cambridge Springs 1904.

Popov-Riumin. Moscow, 1929.

Zonosko-Borovsky vs Price Ramsgate, 1929. White moves.

Gligoric – Fischer Bled 1959

Gligoric-Fischer Bled, 1959. Complete game.

Rubinstein-Alekhine Karlsbad, 1911. White moves

Torre-Lasker Moscow, 1925. White moves.

Richardson-Delmar New York, 1885. White moves.

Blase’-Mikulka Correspondence 1930

Tarrasch-Rubinstein. Marisch-Ostrau 1923

Topalov-Genov Bulgaria, 1993. White moves.

Short-Adams. London, 1991.

RubinsteinJanowski. Marienbad, 1925. Complete Game.

The Power of Pawn Promotion.

Silly Saturday Mating Net!

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