COVID-19 Protocol for Play at Chaturanga (INACTIVE)

The following protocol has been SUSPENDED and activities at Chaturanga are almost exactly as they were before March 2020. Pre-registration for Chaturanga events is still required, as we have found that it makes the first round of a tournament run more smoothly.

Given the possibility that we might be asked to implement the protocol again at some point in the future, we are leaving this page posted for informational purposes.

I. Face Masks.

All persons must wear a face mask covering the mouth and nose prior to entering the Church building and at all times while inside the building. This includes (but is not limited to) the playing hall, the bathrooms, the lobby outside the playing hall, and the stairs leading up to the lobby. The mask may be a paper surgical mask or a homemade or commercially purchased cloth covering. Exception: Players may remove the mask while seated in order to consume food or beverages, putting it back on when finished eating/drinking.

II. Hand Protection.

  • All persons must apply hand sanitizer/disinfectant upon entering the Church building and again any time they re-enter the playing hall. The sanitizer/disinfectant will be provided by the Club. Alternatively, they may (but are not required to) wear protective gloves (e.g., blue nitrile medical exam gloves or white vinyl food-service gloves) to handle all indoor items and surfaces, including chess equipment.
  • If a person chooses to wear gloves, they must change gloves any time they leave the playing hall, making sure to discard used gloves and to put on new, unused gloves before returning to the playing hall.
  • If a person chooses not to wear gloves, they must use hand sanitizer/disinfectant before re-entering the playing hall. As the doors to the playing hall may be closed for purposes of climate control, the Club will place sanitizer/disinfectant dispensers at appropriate locations.

III. Participation in Chaturanga Events.

Prior to arriving at the club, all persons wishing to enter the Church building must pre-register via text message with Stan Ward (215-285-2593). Entry to the building is controlled and limited to 18 people, and entrance will be permitted only for the purpose of managing or participating in club events. Spectators and casual games are prohibited until further notice.


IV. Climate Control and Air Circulation.

The Club will run the air heating/cooling system at maximum fan speed, and – weather conditions permitting – keep the playing-hall windows open to promote the flow of fresh air into the hall.

V. Seating/Playing Arrangement.

  • The Club will set out the banquet tables provided by the Church in the playing hall, placed as far apart as possible from each other in both horizontal dimensions (ends and sides). Personnel moving tables and chairs shall use hand sanitizer or wear gloves when handling this furniture. The Church asks that, at the end of the night, we leave in place all the tables and chairs we used instead of putting them away.
  • A maximum of two games (with a total of four players) may take place at each table, with the chessboards placed at opposite ends of the table. To accommodate scorekeeping, the board may be placed such that the edge of the board closest to the nearest end of the table is 6 inches from that end.
  • Shaking hands before, during, or at the end of a game is prohibited.
  • Players must leave the building upon completion of their game and after reporting the game result.

VI. Chess Equipment.

  • To minimize the infection risk to participants, and to lessen the burden on Club personnel, players are required to provide their own chess sets, chessboards, chess clocks, scoresheets, and writing instruments. The Club cabinet will remain closed at all times, except for the purpose of retrieving tournament pairing sheets and wall charts by a Club officer.
  • The players in a game may decide whose equipment to use for their game. Sharing equipment with someone other than your opponent is discouraged.

VII. Covid-19 and Common Sense.

Please do not enter the Club if you are exhibiting symptoms that may be interpreted as signs of Covid-19 infection, such as coughing, sneezing, fever, or shortness of breath. Players who exhibit such symptoms may be required by the Tournament Director or a Club officer to leave the Church building.

VIII. Enforcement.

Tournament directors are authorized to enforce sections of this protocol pertaining to the conditions of play by the application of standard penalties, ranging (at their discretion) from a warning to adding time to the opponent’s clock, up to and including forfeiture of the game and expulsion from the tournament. Club officers are authorized to enforce sections of this protocol that pertain to players’ presence in the building by the application of measures up to and including ejection from the Church building.

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