Hi Guys,

In case you haven’t heard I’m organizing a method for Chaturanga members past and present, along with North Penn members, to be able to play some organized, live, real time chess. I’ll be using chess.com ‘s platform but it won’t be a chess.com run event. It will probably be either G/60 or G/90 inc 10 seconds. for the first event and most probably Round Robin. Only your chess.com rating is affected.

If you are interested in playing in the online tournaments that I’ll be putting together your next step is to join “Chaturanga Chess Club Online” on chess.com. I’ve sent some of you invites but not everyone. The only people who will be eligible to play are Chaturanga members, former Chat members and folks from North Penn Chess Club. Basically it’s for people I know or know of, which means you’ll probably know most of the other players. More details to follow in the near future.  So go to chess.com and request membership.


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